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One International City Life is a new offshore IFA practice based in the UAE.

They can be found in 1)Abu Dhabi, in the Emirates Tower, Sheikh Hamdan Street, 2) Dubai, Villa 738, Jumeirah Beach Road.

Jason Noble: Owner/MD One International City Life.

Jason Noble is a fraudster/***-artist who now operates One International City Life. He is the MD. His previous roles include Area Manager at De Vere and Partners where he easily made £400,000 per annum tax-free and Vice President at Globaleye. He holds a degree in Art and Photography from Coventry University (Polytechnic) and no financial qualifications. In fact, he is rather proud of the fact that he does hold any relevant qualifications or awards.

Easily recognised, Noble, is very short approximately 5'6" or put another way, he is a dwarf. He has brilliant white teeth and a severe aversion to sunscreen; therefore he has a certain "˜Sammy-Davis Junior' quality about him. He is a pathetic excuse for a man.

Prior to deciding to become an IFA Noble worked in the UK as a skiing instructor and an office worker at a security firm. He has two daughters very similar in age, by two different women. Class.

He is extremely manipulative and calculating. Beware.

He was dismissed from DV&P for bullying subordinates, blocking commission payments, stealing clients from colleagues and acting in a non-compliant, self-satisfying manner. He held this position for roughly two years.

He poached a number of his former team to work with him at Globaleye. He was later dismissed for similar reasons to the above, a mere 12 months later. A majority of his team followed him, yet again. Except for Jennifer Owens, who remained at Globaleye, despite their personal relationship.

Most of his contacts originated from the contact he made who held a senior position within Allied Pickfords. A company that specialises in relocating expatriates around the world. Therefore the insider had the very personal information of countless new arrivals in the UAE. Noble successfully utilised this private information to his advantage, the 'sharing' of which would constitute a contravention of the data protection act. This is ethically unsound and the insider was dismissed from the company as a result.

The ruthless tactics he employs are Machiavellian to say the very least. His modus operandi is simple; hit the client for as much as they can afford for as long as possible. Anything short of that is a poor result.

Furthermore, without the appropriate qualifications and the absence of a "˜proper' FS firm on his CV, he does not have the knowledge, experience or intuition that comes from such a combination. His overall level of qualification is inadequate, so much so that he would not be able to acquire a trainee position in a reputable FS firm, yet he is the MD of a firm in the UAE.

He recruits (not dissimilar to DV&P, Globaleye, etc,.) sales people. Not IFAs. He has no respect for the profession and therefore no respect for actual professionals within the realm of FS. For example, one of his "˜senior relationship managers', Darren Preece, is a 22 year old with no formal academic qualifications, no financial qualifications and no proper work experience (met Noble at DV&P and has been loyal ever since). He is a telesales coordinator who works like a dog with little understanding of what he's actually selling. The work ethic cannot be questioned; he is little more than a simple lad from Liverpool who is highly impressionable. Noble relies on his keen ability to manipulate such people to his own advantage.

Noble's behaviour at the recent Amber Lounge function following the Abu Dhabi F1 GP was nothing short of hysterical. Again he was masquerading as a successful IFA that has recently gone into business for himself. Demonstrating yet another disgraceful bastardisation of the truth.

This post is intended to shed light on the disgusting practices of offshore IFAs, such as Noble and as a result I strongly urge expatriates in the UAE amongst other offshore destinations to avoid dealing with such individuals and their companies.

Noble will be making a fortune, don't let him fatten his mattress with your savings!


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Is it possible the OP or somebody else who can give more information about Jason to contact me?



Jason Noble from "The one group" has now teamed up with Allen Davis who is one of the biggest scam artist from London.Jason does not have any licence he is in serviced offices in JLT and selling African land we all know about that scam.

Allen Davis use to run Capital Alternative Group with Steve Graham from Advance global trading these guys will go to no end to get your money into there pockets.


Stay well clear of "The one Group"


Has anyone got 50p for the meter?


Jason Noble apparently read graphic design or the likes at university in the uk yet if you google "gold man with magnifying glass" the second image is none other that the great design work of Mr Noble.Or is it...

It appears that One International's logo, "designed" by the CEO, is about as genuine as...Let's hope the logo is not a reflection of the authenticity of the company...


Haha.No need to do anything more than ask to see the company licence and registration documents to know you dealing with a professional (and I don't mean a professional financial advisor!!) Mr Noble is building a global empire.

Just ask him...:-D


Jason runs the fastest expanding advisory groups in the world, not just AD.

Money is no object to a successful businessman like Jason: Bills are paid, licenses are in order, and advice is fully compliant ;-)


First question has he paid his staff all over the world. An investigation might show a truly different picture of Jason Noble. There is no smoke without fire.

Has anyone seen his FSA licence that might be interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Conmen
Gilbert Creek, West Virginia, United States #443166

Have you heard, Jenny Owens the recruitment manager in Manchester is having an affair with Jason Noble and Tim Searle Chairman of Globaleye!

Jesus these two guys must be desperate! Have you seen her :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I have found these comments very amusing.For all you Noble bashers, why don't you actually detach yourselves from you mums nipple so you can actually grow up, get a life and stop fixating on someone who you clearly have no influence over and who evidentially does not pay any attention to you what so ever.

As for the uae oracle loser... What can I say apart from it is clear to see that you have mental health issues. From your first posting to recently it really does show that you are either jealous of Jason Noble or you are in love with him. Your post randomly change throughout each and every comment.

In fact if I did not know better I would say over the last couple of months, some *** has tried to claim that they are uae oracle but it actually isn't.

Only because at the beginning it actually looks like an intelligent person has wrote the post but after that it just looks like some jealous prat / broken hearted *** is trying to claim uae orcale glory.Get a life hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Once again, please accept my apologies.I have a split personality disorder and I have been off my medication for a while now.

I will no doubt write more conflicting comments so may I suggest that you completely bypass anything that you see that has username assigned to. I am not an *** I am just mentally ill/ challenged.

Again, please accept my deepest apologies.I am hoping at some point I will have my issues under control

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